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Emma is kind of hideously powerful. She is not, however, omnipotent. If your character is not actively thinking about something in her presence, she won't know about it. If multiple people are in the room with them, and your character has given Emma no reason to pay close attention, Emma will only hear their thoughts as background noise. She's learned to tune a lot of it out, although she doesn't actually shut it out as a more moral telepath might. She will always ask your character's permission before looking into your character's mind, unless of course your character poses a threat, in which case I will talk to you and we can figure out what's going down before logging it. Furthermore she is a flawed individual with certain assumptions, and she will bring those assumptions with her when examining your character's thoughts. She is not infallible and is fully capable of misinterpreting what she sees/hears/etc.

In a restive state her powers allow her to sense the presence of and see or hear the surface thoughts (and accordant images) and prevailing emotions of those in her immediate vicinity. She can also sense psychic energy or interference. With a little effort she can manipulate those thoughts (and accordant images), delve into their psyches, examine deeper thoughts and memories, induce action (or lack thereof), and initiate what's called a psi-link or a mind-link. This will enable her and her chosen target to think each other's thoughts, feel each other's emotions, etc. etc. There are really very few situations in which this might come up, and I'm sure you can guess at them.

This being Marvel, there are a number of options for psychic defense. There is, of course, one man whose psychic constructs Emma cannot dismantle, and that man is Charles Xavier. There are a number of telepaths whose psychic constructs it would take Emma a while to dismantle (Psylocke, for example, or any number of player-controlled telepaths or NPCed antagonists of a similar power level), and there's always magic. A resistance to telepathy is also a somewhat common secondary mutation (Gambit, Cyclops, and Rictor have all been confirmed to possess it in canon, and there are probably a few more I'm forgetting). However, I would strongly advise you against including it unless it has been displayed in canon or it's necessary for plot purposes. I promise you Emma's not gonna go finding out your character's secrets without your permission!

It may help to think in a foreign language. However, Emma is something of a perfectionist and prides herself on speaking a number of other languages, which she learned by poking around in other people's language centers. Languages she knows are English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, German, and Mandarin Chinese. This list might possibly be updated in the future.

The easiest way to keep her out of your head, though, is to get her shields up. She can sense psychic presences, energy, and interference with her shields up, but she can't do anything else. If you attack her before she has time to think, she'll go all diamond and won't be able to use her telepathy.

(Bio)chemical manipulation won't work on her, though she is powerless to stop it from working on other people. The best she can do is interject distracting thoughts and images in the hopes it will snap them out of it.

If you have any questions, please let me know! This part of her character can be hecka tricky and if there's something bothering you, I'd love to hear about it.
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